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I've injured my:


Whiplash injuries affect the neck; they are usually caused by a sudden stretching of the neck. The most common cause of whiplash injuries is road traffic accidents; however, whiplash injuries can be caused by many different types of accident.

whiplash INJURIES

Head injury

Head injuries can take many forms; the term refers to any kind of trauma to the head. These can be injuries to the structure of the head and face (skull) but can also include injuries to the brain.


Broken bones

Broken bones are also known as fractures and can be caused by a high force impact. Many accident types can cause broken bones.

Broken bone INJURIES

Spinal injury

Spinal damage can also be known as Spinal Cord Trauma. Spinal damage generally defines trauma or damage to the spinal cord; this will often result in the loss of mobility or feeling in limbs or areas of the body.



Concussion is the jarring of the brain causing a disturbance of function of the nerve cells in the brain; symptoms can differ according to the level and severity of impact. Concussions can be caused by a fall or sudden impact to the head.

Concussion INJURIES

I've had an accident:


Motor accidents can happen; you can not always count on the care and attention of other road users. If you are injured in a motor accident you need to ensure you seek the very best legal representation to advise you of your rights.


At work

Work environments and work place heath and safety practices have improved greatly but regrettably accidents in the work place still happen, when they do it is important that you seek the very best legal representation to advise you of your rights.


Medical Negligence

Any medical treatment can be a traumatic experience, if mistakes are made then it is the patient that has to learn to live with the consequences of the mistakes made. It is important that you seek the very best legal representation to advise you of your rights.

Negligence INJURIES

Slips and trips

Slips and trips are a common cause of injury, sometimes proving the cause of a slip and trip accident can be challenging but we are very experienced in this area. Dangerous faults in pavements or staircases can cause serious accidents and injuries so it is important that you seek the very best legal representation to advice you of your rights.

Slips and trips INJURIES


Accidents and injuries can happen in many different places and circumstances. We are happy to help and give advice on any type of accident and injury, we will always give honest and straight forward guidance on any type of accident and injury; we pride ourselves on being able to cater for any sort of compensation claim our clients may have.

Specialist INJURIES

Lime – The personal injury company

Lime offers a new easy, friendly and supportive way to access legal help with your claim for compensation.

We know that claiming compensation is often seen as a difficult process which is hard to follow. People also tend to fear what they don't understand. At Lime we have worked really hard to change things for you. You can come to us safe in the knowledge that we understand many of the concerns you will have about taking legal advice, and that we will help you every step of the way.

We put you first. You need help right through the process, from initially advising you what to do if you have had an accident right through to securing compensation where it is due to you, and our experts can do this for you.

  • There are no hidden costs
  • Recovering from your injury is as important to us as your compensation
  • You will normally benefit from our “No win No fee” scheme
  • You will benefit from an open and honest service
  • You will receive proper compensation for your injury
  • You will benefit from market-leading service and advice
  • Your claim will be assessed for free and with no obligation to us.

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We are relieved that the long legal fight has at last been brought to an end. The compensation can never, ever reverse the damage and pain that Lewis suffered. But it will at least ensure he will always have a safe and caring environment for the rest of his life...

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