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Falls from height

Falls from height are a major cause of personal injury . Those most at risk of falling are workers whose daily duties mean that they are working in elevated positions.

These workers include

• Construction workers
• Fire services
• Painter and decorators
• Window cleaners

The types of injuries and their severity caused by falling accidents will depend on the height of the fall and the impact of the landing.

Any job that involves workers working in elevated positions, with ladders, cranes or any type of lifting apparatus is subject to the most stringent health and safety guidelines. All working conditions must be risk assessed and workers must be fully trained.

Unfortunately this does not always happen and accidents happen.   As a result, injuries caused by falls from height are often severe.

Common injuries that are associated with falling accidents are

When any sort of falling accident occurs it is very important that the accident is reported to the owner of the premises and that the accident is fully logged.
Many of the most common falling injuries involve the spine and spinal damage. Where this is the case the initial care and the measures taken to immobilise the injury at the accident site will affect the injured person’s recovery.

Any injury involving the spine and spinal cord can potentially have serious long term consequences, including loss of mobility, independence and long term dependence on medical treatment. There can also be financial pressures and the need to adapt living environments to cope with the changes in mobility and capability.

Our specialist lawyers will work through every aspect of your injury to help you establish the cause of your accident and injury. If your fall was as a result of the negligence of another person or company then you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

We have a team of Lawyers who specialise in dealing with claims of this type. If you have been left with an injury which is causing you physical or psychological distress then you may have a legitimate claim for compensation.

In the event of an accident of this type you should:

• Report the accident to you employer at the earliest opportunity
• Consult a GP or visit the Hospital in order to get your injuries treated
• Take photographs of your injuries if possible
• Contact our team of expert personal injury lawyers who will give you free advice to help you start your “no win no free” compensation claim.

If you have any questions or queries as to whether you have a claim then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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