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Fractures and broken bones occur where there is a break in the continuity of a bone, there are many different types of fracture.  

Some of the most common fractures that we deal with are listed below

fractures take may forms dependent upon the type of injury or force that causes the fracture. Some of the most common types of fracture are listed below -

• Hairline fracture – A thin break in the bone
• Comminuted fracture – When the bone is broken into two pieces or more
• Single fracture – When bone is broken in only one place
• Greenstick fracture – When the bone cracks on one side only, not right through
• Spiral fracture – When a bone fractures as a result of a twisting action
• Transverse fracture – When a bone fractures in a straight line across the bone
• Delayed Union Fracture – When a fracture takes a long time to heal
• Malunion fracture – When a fracture heals but the healing bones are out of place and not aligned

Fractures can also be open or closed. A closed fracture is when the skin is not broken. An open fracture (also known as a compound fracture) is where the broken bone penetrates the skin.
Healing times for fractures varies depending upon which bone in the body is fractured and the severity of the break. Serious breaks or breaks that are of an unusual nature may require surgery to assist the healing process.
The level of damage from a fracture and the potential symptoms will depend on the type and severity of the trauma.
Treatment and the length of time it takes to rehabilitate fractures will depend on the severity and position of the fracture.

Common symptoms

• Muscle spasms
• Severe pain
• Swelling

Common causes

• Road traffic accident
• Accidents at work
• Falling from height
• Sports and recreational injury
• Trips and slips
• Being hit by an object falling from height

Suggested action to take

• Seek medical advice
• If the injury has happened as a result of an accident that was not your fault you should seek specialist legal advice


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