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Ruptured ligaments

Ruptured ligaments usually occur around the knee, shoulder or ankle joints. Ligaments can be damaged as a result of other associated injuries, such as sprain, strains and dislocations.
Ligament injuries are usually due to them being overstretched through twisting or pulling which can cause tears or ruptures. There will often be a popping or snapping sensation within the joint, followed by swelling within the area.

Ligaments do not receive an abundant supply of blood, so the natural healing process can be slow. Where a ligament is very badly torn or has snapped completely surgical intervention may be required to assist in the healing process.
The level of damage to ligaments and the potential symptoms will depend on the type and severity of the trauma.
Treatment and rehabilitation of ligament injuries will depend on the severity and position of the injury.

Common symptoms

• Severe pain
• Weakness of muscles
• Limitation of mobility
• Swelling

Common causes

• Road traffic accident
• Accidents at work
• Falling from height
• Sports and recreational injury
• Slip and trip

Suggested action to take

• Seek medical advice
• If the injury has happened as a result of an accident that was not your fault you should seek specialist legal advice


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