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Fatal motor accidents

Fatal motor accidents happen when a motor accident causes the death of a passenger, driver or pedestrian. Although the number of motor related fatalities has dropped significantly over recent years and continues to do so, there were still 2222 fatalities in 2009, of which 88 were children

The breakdown of these fatality statistics is shown below -

  • Car users 48% (1059)
  • Motorbike users 21% (472)
  • Cyclists 5% (104)
  • Pedestrians 23% (500)
  • Other 3% (73)
  • *Figures provided by Department for Transport annual report 2009*

In the event that a friend or member of family has been the victim of a fatal motor accident you should seek legal advice to ensure that the rights of the deceased are protected, if the death has been caused by the negligence of another road user then there may be a claim for compensation, we have specialist lawyers that can advise you of your rights and of the action that can be taken.

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