Defective product compensation claims

Our team of defective product compensation claims lawyers represent both individuals and large groups of people in bringing Personal Injury (PI) compensation claims for injuries or illnesses caused by defective products.

As consumers we expect the products that we buy and use to be in a safe condition. However, this is not always the case and occasionally the products can be defective and cause harm.

What is defined as a product?

The definition of a product is very wide and it essentially includes most items that we use. Recent defective product compensation claims include:

  • defective child seats
  • exploding E-cigarettes
  • contaminated Food
  • defective furniture and/or upholstery
  • dangerous toys – such as exploding hover boards
  • faulty cars
  • defective medical products

Specialist defective product compensation lawyers

Our lawyers will investigate and instruct experts to determine if the injury was caused as a result of the defective product or as a result of the way that the product was installed. In order to make a defective product compensation claim it would assist us if you could retain the original packaging and supply us with evidence of the purchase.

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