Dermatitis compensation claims

Dermatitis is a skin disorder. It is a severe form of Eczema and can cause cracking and soreness to the area of the body it appears on, which is usually the hands and forearms as these are generally the body parts that are most exposed to irritants.

Contact or irritant dermatitis

Contact or irritant dermatitis, as it is sometimes known, occurs as a result of being in contact with a particular substance. Common irritants for contact dermatitis include:

  • cleaning products
  • detergents
  • shampoos
  • soap
  • acids and alkalis
  • cement
  • fluids for metalworking
  • oils and greases
  • organic solvents
  • plants and shrubs
  • repeated or prolonged exposure to water.

As such, dermatitis claims are often the result of a person’s employment, for example, a cleaner or individual working in a factory handling chemicals.

Usually the symptoms of contact dermatitis stop when the individual is no longer exposed to the irritant.

Allergic dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis is where exposure to an allergen, or sensitiser, causes the immune system to respond to a particular substance in such a way that it causes the body to attack the skin. Once an individual is sensitised they will usually have a life-long sensitivity to that allergen and any further exposure to it will trigger a further attack. Common allergens include:

  • latex (a common cause of allergic dermatitis, particularly in the healthcare industry)
  • fragrances
  • cement
  • chromium
  • nickel
  • resins.

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